Louise Gazeau

A french interaction designer who loves creating meaningful experiences.
After working in Montréal and in Munich, I am now in Paris as a UX - UI Designer at vNext (end-of-studies internship).

About me

I have a Bachelor's degree in Interaction Design. I am now doing a double Master's degree in User Experience / Tangible Interfaces (IoT) at L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique and in Management and Business Administrations at IAE. Why User Experience ? This quote from Emelyn Baker explains it pretty well:

“If your design doesn’t improve the user’s experience,
it is purely decorative and useless.”

Indeed, I have chosen to specialize in User Experience because I am keen on creating products and services that are easy to use and also delightful. That is why I am also amazed by Digital Product Design. The entire process of creating usable products and experiences by understanding the user is my passion.

Some time to time I publish on Medium. The legend says that I published once every 498 days.

Pug and bad jokes lover, I began my second year of a Bachelor's degree by travelling so that I could discover different kind of Design methodologies. It taught me a lot, not only about technical skills, but also about social relationship.

For five years, I learnt a lot in terms of

User Experience

Thanks to workshops, school projects and work experiences, I am able to understand the user' needs and problems by doing personas, empathy maps, user flows and much more. I am used to prototype quickly and to test again and again my services.

User Interface

I have done several graphic identities for websites. I also worked on visual design for web and product interfaces. I am comfortable with both PC and Mac pieces of software.


My internships at Montreal and at Munich taught me a lot. I met wonderful and talented human being from all over the world.

I worked with them

Orange France Sennheiser Pôle Emploi RATP Centreon

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